About Olvera

digital nomads in southern Spain

Choice destination for digital nomads in Southern Spain

This is our aim: to make Olvera a choice destination for digital nomads in southern Spain. Soon, here you will find a lot of useful information about Olvera, a variety of accommodation, activities and recommendations for digital nomads and visitors in general.  In the meantime, if you need any information or have any questions, we will be happy to help you! 

Olvera is a traditional ‘Pueblo Blanco’ (White Town) in the Cadiz Sierra; a picturesque, story-book town which started taking shape in the times of the Visigoths. It was a Roman settlement for some time, then a Moorish enclave for several centuries, and finally ‘reconquered’ by the Spaniards. The resulting mix is latent in many aspects of its culture, people and traditions, as well as in the obvious Christian Church and Arab Castle battling for supremacy at the top of the town.

If you want to enjoy living in and learning about an authentic Andalusian town, its people, culture, food, feasts, etc. while working in a peaceful rural setting with plenty of sunshine, this is the place to be for digital nomads in southern Spain.

Olvera is ideally located in the centre of south-western Andalucía, between three large cities (Malaga, Seville and Cadiz) and three international airports, equidistant to beautiful beaches on two coasts, and in the middle of the Pueblos Blancos and all the attractions of the Cadiz Sierra. In addition, Granada and Cordoba are also handy and easy to visit on day-trips.

This town with City status is somewhat of a commercial hub in the area, offering a full range of services, including an urgent care unit and a heliport. It offers a balanced combination of remoteness and tranquillity with technology and modernity, that make it a perfect location for digital nomads in southern Spain.

Olvera has been touted as an emergent slow tourism hub which offers a range of options in terms of accommodation and activities, ideal for those looking to avoid the over-promoted and over-crowded destinations in South-East Asia or the Caribbean, for example.

Its climate offers and ideal place to escape to, for those in northern zones looking for winter sun. Here, the mild and sunny winter days make outdoor activities possible year-round.

There is an ample offering of outdoor activities for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers alike: hang-gliding, rock-climbing, cycling, hiking/rambling, mountaineering, canoeing, paddle-boarding, horse-riding, etc., birdwatching, eco and agritourism opportunities, as well as learning opportunities through workshops on a variety of crafts and artisanal manufacturing. The area is also a paradise for photography buffs and artists.